Monday 9 April 2018

Dark Music Review – Visitors

Dark Music Review – Visitors

Review Written By Casey Douglass


Aliens are a funny bunch. If they aren’t lubing up the old anal probes, they are starring in our films and taking out their aggression on our national monuments. Still, the cinematic treatment they get is often a majestic thing to see, especially if they’re here to exterminate us all. Hey, I’m a horror writer, you shouldn’t be surprised that I like my aliens aggressive. Visitors is a dark ambient album from Eximia, and, judging by the description below, it should be the perfect accompaniment to some dark fantasising:
EXIMIA presents us with a sound design and field recording heavy album about an alien invasion. You won't find many harmonic elements on this album. It instead serves as a backdrop where Dominik has crafted a soundscape that sucks you into it's atmosphere. "For centuries people have been looking at the stars, wondering if we are alone in this infinite universe, or if there is someone else out there. Would they be friendly and if not, would we be ready for them? They came without warning. Our weapons pointless against these behemoths covered by storm. When I lay my eyes at their divine beauty in all it's power and destruction, I feel no anger nor sorrow, I feel awe. Our new gods have arrived." Highly recommended for fans of field recording and closed eyes listening.

I really really enjoyed the time I spent listening to Visitors. The soundscapes were hushed, dark, windy things to begin with, but the bass pulses and ululations of the strange alien invaders soon add extra elements to draw the listener's fascination and awe. Fantastical cries and calls sound across large soundscapes, the leviathan spaceships hanging still in the sky as if they had always been there. It’s cinematic and very well done indeed.

The aliens themselves put me in mind of the kinds seen in films like Monsters, and even the fog-horn like blaring of those seen in things like Skyline and Cloverfield Lane. The tracks give the impression of dark landscapes being buzzed by glistening craft, strange lights and sirens signalling both communication and threat at the same time. Moments of peace merge with moments of activity as vast forces are afoot.

Visitors joins the rare collection of dark ambient albums that I’ve listened to twice in one sitting. There is something relaxing and tranquil about impending alien-fuelled catastrophe, about creatures overseeing the Earth and not caring one jot about the strange monkey-like beings screaming and panicking below as their end approaches. One track even features said screaming (Extinction). Others feature air-raid sirens (First Contact), crackling lightning and the rumbling of monstrous footsteps hitting the ground (World Without Man). What every track certainly contains however, is a deft touch, the low-key vibrations of threat bumping up nicely against surprising sounds and calls from aliens and their technology.

It was a pleasure to listen to Visitors, and if you are a dark ambient fan, I definitely recommend adding it to your collection.

Check out the Visitors page on Bandcamp here for more information, and be sure to check out Day One below:

I was given a free copy of this album to review.

Album Title: Visitors
Artist: Eximia
Label: Cryo Chamber
Released: Apr 03, 2018