Friday 20 April 2018

Skindred, CKY and Danko Jones Gig Norwich 2018

I had the pleasure of seeing Skindred live again last night, along with CKY and Danko Jones. I'm really shattered from standing for so long but I wanted to write a little something to mark the occasion.

Danko Jones got things up and running with more energy than I really expected for the first band up. I thought they were really good.

CKY were up next and I felt a bit indifferent towards them. I was very tired by that time though, so it could have been more about me than them.

Skindred were up last and rocked the place, as they did when I last saw them. Benji is a cheeky chappy, and their ragga-metal sound infected the crowd from the get-go. They played a good mixture of songs, and new track That's My Jam is certainly growing on me.

All in all a great gig, and thank you to my friend Paul for getting me a ticket as my birthday present.