Below you will find a sampling of my writing and the places where it can be found:


Selected Articles from this website:

Dark Ambient: 





(The Geek Syndicate website of old appears to be gone. I removed the hyperlinks below but left the items for reference.)

  • Game Review: Conarium
  • The Next Level Podcast: E3 2017
  • Game Review: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Book Review: Children of God
  • Geek Syndicate Magazine Issue 7 : Article looking at Fast Travel in Video Games.
  • Geek Syndicate Magazine Issue 8 : Article looking at Achievement's in Video Games.
  • Comic Review : The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
  • Feature : Why Alien: Isolation Gets It Right
  • Book Review : The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful 
  • Book Review: The Art and Making of Hannibal: The Television Series
  • Film Review: Crimson Peak 

Foggy Friends (A CFS/ME sufferer website) :

Casey-Douglass.com :


Amazon Kindle Store:

Horrifier is a collection of horror stories that aims to inject some strangeness into what would usually be boring situations: Amazon UK

Dark Distractions Anthology Volume One is a collection of my dark fiction blog posts over the period of a couple of years:

Other publishers:

Bag of Bones Press:

My short story, Pie Holes, is in this Bag of Bones Press anthology: http://mybook.to/AnnusHorribilis

FTB Press:

My short story, Unravelled, is in Irrational Fears, an anthology from FTB Press and available to buy on Amazon:

Abstruse Press:

My short story, Life of the Party, is in Bloody Red Nose: Fifteen Fears of a Clown, an anthology  available to buy on Amazon among other places. More info here.

Soteira Press:

My short story, The Corrupter, is in volume 2 of What Monsters Do For Love, an anthology from Soteira Press and available to buy on Amazon.

Darker Times Fiction :

Black Hare Press :

Grey Matter Press :

Ravenous Monster :

  • Spreading The Plague flash fiction contest : My Flash Fiction What a Display!

Indie Writers Monthly :