Monday 19 June 2017

Dark Fiction - The House Nanfula

The House Nanfula

Written By Casey Douglass

Evil Eyes

Time ago, evil did dwell
in the house Nanfula,
locals know well.

Smoking harbingers of death fly easily over the unwatched land, sentinels cost awareness and flow where you don't want them to go. Black clouds blot the sky like unwanted fly spawn peppering a spider’s web; conveyor belts of death and corruption. The wind blows like the wheeze of an elderly man, currents licking around the door-frame, setting the crinkled stain and paint flapping.

The house sits on the hill like a squat giant, the doors and gables adding expression to its stormy facade. Deep in the valley, tiny specks work the fields, warily glancing up at the looming building, a mixture of fear and respect etched into their countrified features. Inbreeding cannot water down this original and most primal of fears.

Myths and legends abound concerning House Nanfula. Some say it was the scene of one of Caligula’s orgies, although how he got here and orchestrated such a thing remains a mystery. Other tales tell of murders, schemes and plots blacker than the darkest night, of unseen things slithering in the cellars, ready to seep out on certain full moons to suck the life from any that might venture too near. It is a house of ill omen and one that the gentry folk would very much like splintered, burnt and detonated. Birds don't venture near it any more, the strange sickly sweet smell seems to repel anything in which warm blood pulses.

Squat on the hill
dark windows squinting
the land around its hunting ground.

House Nanfula, a place to which corrupted souls are bound.


I wrote the above awhile ago and came across it again when browsing my raw material folder. While not fully formed, and the poetry not that skillful (in my opinion), I enjoyed the effect that it created, so I thought I'd post it up after some edits. If you are interested, the picture that goes with it is an edited picture of a taxidermied tiger that I took years ago. I used Gimp 2 to edit it as I am too poor to possess Photoshop sadly. Thanks for reading.