Places You Can Find My Writing

Below you will find a list of the various places that you can find my writing. Scroll down for my non-fiction:


Amazon Kindle Store:

Dark Distractions Anthology Volume One is a collection of my dark fiction blog posts over the period of a couple of years:

My short story, Unravelled, is in Irrational Fears, an anthology from FTB Press and available to buy on Amazon:

Darker Times Anthologies :
  • Darker Times Anthology Volume 6 : My short story Pollywocker.
  • Darker Times Anthology Volume 7 : My short Cthulian horror Inheritance.
  • Darker Times Collection Volume 2 : Four pieces of Flash Fiction - Original, Mirror, Deep & Distance.

Grey Matter Press :

Ravenous Monster :

  • Spreading The Plague flash fiction contest : My Flash Fiction What a Display!

Indie Writers Monthly :

A reading performed by me, of one of my earliest short stories: A New Leaf.


The Huffington Post :

Foggy Friends (A CFS/ME sufferer website) :

 Geek Syndicate (The most recent are nearest the bottom):

New Normative :

  • Article: Trucking Along With Depression - Why I Find American Truck Simulator to be a Valuable Tool