Wednesday 5 April 2017

Dark Fiction - Sob, Gurgle and Scream

Sob, Gurgle and Scream

By Casey Douglass

The small claw pushed the bowl away, the heat-stained metal grating on the ancient rock tabletop. ‘I don’t want it!’
‘Come on my little chopping block, Mummy wants you to grow up big and strong, just like Daddy. You’ve got to eat your breakfast or that won’t happen!’
‘Like Daddy?’
‘Yes my darling plague bearer, he always eats his breakfast.’
A small smile shaped itself around stubby fangs as this fact was considered.
A large claw dragged the bowl back to where it should be. ‘Put your ear near the bowl and you can hear them sob, gurgle and scream. Well, that’s what the box says anyway.’
The little face looked down into the bowl, its nose wrinkling at the smell.
‘Can I have angel powder?’
‘Will you eat it all up if you do?’
‘Yes Mummy!’
Two onyx eyes continued to look into the bowl, edging nearer and nearer to the contents, until they were close enough to make out the shapes. What at a distance had looked like little stubby grubs began to coalesce into slithering bipeds bobbing and rolling in a red milky fluid. Their screams and shrieks tinny and at the edge of hearing.
A snow storm descended on the bobbling creatures, fluttering wings and golden hair falling like moth-dust, sparkling and fizzing as it hit the moisture below.
‘Thank you Mummy!’
The small claw picked up the spoon and mashed it into the heaving contents, turning it all into a gooey mush, each movement causing a crescendo of shrieks before crushing them into oblivion.
‘Eat up now, don’t play with your food!’
‘I’ve got to get them all Mummy, they tickle if they wriggle too much!’
‘That’s a good boy!’
‘Where’s Daddy?’
‘He’s working my darling black heart, toiling to put food on our table!’