Tuesday 23 August 2016

Dark Music Review - Wychhound EP

Dark Music Review - Wychhound EP

Review Written By Casey Douglass

Wychhound EP Cover Art

A few nights ago, I was browsing the interwebs like a bored spider looking for a fly, and I came across Wychhound, a North London Stoner rock/grungy metally band. I gave their EP a listen and was pretty bowled over by what I heard.

Cold Temple opens with an easy pace, Jimmy Holified’s vocals sitting comfortably on layers of fuzzy guitar and punchy drums. Then the main chorus hits “It’s gonner follow you-uuu--”, the guitar swelling and cosseting the words, before letting rip a little as the next verse kicks in. Cold Temple is a seriously ear-worming track, and features some nice changes of pace and soloing, especially in the second part of the track, which turns into a different kind of beast.

Next up is House of Cards, a track that opens with gentle guitar melody and a more relaxed tone. As the heavier guitar backing comes in, it foreshadows the melody of the chorus, kicking off with the “I am the wind that blows” and venting until things die down once more for the rest of the song. Just after the midpoint of the track brace yourself for a fantastic guitar solo too.

Truant Mind is the penultimate track, and it starts with a heavy pounding wall of noise and a drum rhythm that grabs your forehead and forces it into a nodding pattern. Jimmy’s vocals really cry out well in this track, embodying the angst of the subject of the song. I enjoyed Truant Mind for these reasons but did find it less ear-worming than the previous two.

Last up is Hourglass, listed as a bonus track. After an upbeat opening interspersed with heavier doses of guitar, things get even heavier as the vocals kick in, backed by a wall of fuzz that dances and buoys up the soulful words. Again, not a 100% ear-worming track but the rhythm still gets you nodding along.

The Wychhound EP is a solid collection of tracks that all feature some great rhythms and themes. I really clicked with the first two but enjoyed the others as well. A quick browse of Wychhound’s Facebook page appears to show that they are working on their next EP at the moment, which on the basis of what I have heard already, I will be eager to check out. I’d give the Wychhound EP 4/5: it’s just the kind of thing that I enjoy at the moment and has entered my album rotation. That should say it all really.

Wychhound consists of Jimmy Holifield (Vocals), Miles Mcdonald (Guitar), Roberto Pini (Guitar), Neil Neighbour (Bass) and Sid Naghdi (Drums).

Visit Wychhound on their Bandcamp page here and check out Cold Temple below:

Album Title: Wychhound EP
Artist: Wychhound
Cover Art: Ben Hickman
Released: March 24, 2015