Sunday 19 June 2016

Indie Horror Flick At the End of the Tunnel Looking for Funding

At the End of the Tunnel Poster

If you found yourself standing before God and were told that you were about to receive an important message, but it never comes, how would you feel? It would put waiting for an internet video to stop buffering into perspective that's for sure. Indie film At the End of the Tunnel is a film based on just such a scenario, and it's looking for help when it comes to funding its Indiegogo campaign.

Felix Phelps is a former bad boy who tries to kill himself, returns, and becomes a born again Christian. He wants to write a book about his experiences, even though he never heard the message itself. His ex-girlfriend Lyric has other ideas however, threatening to unleash a secret that will damage his book and reputation.

At the End of the Tunnel stars and is being produced by a diverse cast and crew:

"Many Latino actors are relegated to side kick roles or stereotypes like 'the gardener', or the 'downtrodden immigrant'. Our film puts a Latino actor in a universal role where he's a person, not a stereotype. The same goes for our female director and crew, we're doing a universal movie in a genre often directed by men. Our film is special in its tone, in its story, and in its cast and crew. Our film is proud to have a Latino lead character, a Latino co-writer, a female director, a female writer, and a female producer, DP, and editor." - Writer/director, Claire Wasmund

The Indiegogo campaign is needed to help the film get through the various production, post-production, distribution and other hurdles that face films as they near release. Check out the Indiegogo page here and the At the End of the Tunnel website here for more info. At the least, watch the trailers, it looks like a film worth checking out.

At the End of the Tunnel Art

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