Thursday 31 March 2016

Dark Gig - Crossfaith

Last night I went to a very enjoyable gig at the Waterfront in Norwich. On the bill were The One Hundred, Quemist and Crossfaith. I was most interested in Crossfaith, as since seeing them at the UEA with Skindred last autumn, I've found myself listening to their albums more and more.

The One Hundred were okay, they didn't really grab me but I didn't dislike them. Quemist sounded very cool and I think I will check out their album as they might be another band for me to enjoy. Crossfaith were absolutely belting. They seem to bring so much energy to their performances and the crowd interaction is great to see as well. Crossfaith are now the first band I have seen live twice too, so I hope they are aware of the enormity of that fact and now know that they can retire whenever they like and they won't achieve more. I'm joking of course. Great gig guys, hope you come back to Norwich soon.