Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dark Film Review - Victor Frankenstein

Yes, we have another Frankenstein film on our hands in the guise of Victor Frankenstein, a gothic horror featuring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. Is it any good though? Visit Geek Syndicate to read my full review at this link.

Victor Frankenstein film poster © Copyright 20th Century Fox.


  1. Thanks for writing a review on this one.... It's on my list to see! I was disappointed to read you only rated it a 3??! No WOW! factors.... :(
    I think maybe it's an ok film, ha ha just because it has Daniel Radcliffe in it?! His films always interest me! Being a familiar story will mean I don't have to concentrate too much on plot... And maybe I will enjoy the film more? The still shots you put in your review look great .... I will see this film!
    Thank you
    Smiles :)

    1. Hi Jacquie, thank you for the comment :).

      It is a film that is well worth seeing. I am not the biggest Daniel Radcliffe fan but maybe I might have given it a 4/5 if I was? Who knows :).

      I did try to emphasize it was better than I expected :).