Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dark Poetry - Strangled

Strangled Poem by Casey Douglass
(Click for larger readable image)

When I open my mouth
dust comes out,
the machinery of expression clogged
with vintage dreams.

When I open my mouth
my heart dies,
a lonely imp in a rusty cage
swinging from a barbed wire noose.

When I open my mouth
smoke flows forth,
the burning cremation
laying waste to old forms.

When I open my mouth
flames burst out.

I blast the world to ruin.

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  1. On my first reading of this I envisioned numbness. On a second read I had the impression this was describing writers block. What was it for you while writing it?

    1. It was a mixture of things. Wanting to write but feeling too ill, or lacking the confidence, that kind of thing :).

  2. I hope those feelings are dissipating.