Wednesday 12 March 2014

Dark Review - Creak

Creak Review

By Casey Douglass


A few weeks ago, I reviewed Black Spot, a very low budget abandoned road horror by Luther Bhogal-Jones. I thought it was done really well and gave it 4.5/5. Check it out here.

Creak is one of Luther’s earlier films, and I must admit, that as much as I liked Black Spot, it was nice to watch something in HD with better sound.

Creak is set in a city house at 4am. Predictably, something creaks and upsets the two sleeping occupants. Well, it upsets one and she in turn upsets the other by repeatedly asking her to check the house in case someone has broken in. What then ensues is a great little cat and mouse sequence of room checking where something is always lurking at the periphery but never seen.

It's about 5.5 minutes long but that is just long enough time to ratchet up the tension for the conclusion to have a strong impact. I enjoyed the way the intruder was portrayed. At no point was it more than a dark silhouette with indiscernible features, besides strange protuberances around the head.

Like Black Spot, the soundtrack was brilliant, a synthy vibe and harsh punctuating moments all doing a great job to up the level of interest. My only issue with the sound was that in some places the levels for the dialogue were a bit hissy, but that is a minor gripe.

You can watch Creak yourself by clicking here to get to the Faster Productions vimeo page. 

When you have done that, there is a great behind the scenes look at how the film was created on the Faster Productions blog here . From the director running late on set to the perils of shooting in frigid rooms it’s an interesting read.

I give Creak 4.5/5. I enjoyed it for what it was, a story of paranoia proving to be true and a film that enjoyably uses a few horror tropes to tell that tale.