Wednesday 12 April 2023

Dark Ambient Album: Hell Isn't Physical, It's Digital!

 Dark Ambient Album: Hell Isn't Physical, It's Digital!

Hell Isn't Physical, It's Digital! Art

A few months ago, ambient artist Scott Lawlor kindly asked if I fancied collaborating with him on a dark ambient album. Hell Isn't Physical, It's Digital! is the result, an ominous album full of looming threat and dark impulses. The album description:

"A depressed programmer, the Internet, and the whims of Chance ignite a spark of dark genius that would be better left unlit. 

A new way of seeing reality is birthed, the sticky tendrils of corruption and sin eschewing the physical and instead, embracing the ones and zeroes that flood our world. 

A brooding and sinister dark ambient collaboration from the minds of Reality Scruncher and Scott Lawlor, an album that shows where you must not tread, and then forces you to go there regardless."

You can find it on Bandcamp and it is currently set to Name Your Price.