Tuesday 18 December 2018

Horror Film News: Inhumane

Horror Film News: Inhumane


Although I'm a placid person, I do have a part that likes to see justice served, and when it comes to films, if that's in a particularly bloody way, so much the better. Inhumane sounds like it will be just that kind of film, and one that will see the main female character become empowered along the way.

Lisa (Lindsay Jane) works in a bookstore in Missouri, but is attacked there one day by the town sheriff's son. Reporting the crime results in another assault, leaving her to die alone in the woods. She is bitten by a werewolf, and as she gains superhuman abilities, she takes revenge on her attackers, and dances a fine line between her humanity and her new bestial nature.
"Our film is first and foremost an examination of the psychological issues inherent with losing one’s humanity. It is NOT meant to exploitative in any way. I love grindhouse and exploitation cinema with a passion, and I thought about making our film grindhouse, but I ultimately I decided that wasn’t the right tone to strike. Make no mistake about it, our heroine is a BADASS, and this is a FEMINIST film!" - Eric Winkler - Writer
I can't really think of the last time I saw a good werewolf film. It's been awhile. Inhumane sounds like it will be a film to enjoy on a number of levels, from the animal-unleashed aspects, to the ways it treats the main character's trials and tribulations as she adapts to life as a predator, rather than a victim. According to a tweet from the film's official Twitter feed, filming of the full feature-length film will hopefully begin in July 2019. There is a pre-production teaser trailer available to wet the appetite though:

Visit the Inhumane official website here.