Sunday, 16 December 2018

Dark Ambient News: Black Mara Full Discography Packs

Russian dark ambient label Black Mara has a couple of lovely bundles on Bandcamp right now. One gives the purchaser access to Black Mara's full range of digital releases, and another gives this, plus a 10 CD bundle with lots of extra goodies.

The 10 CD bundle includes various kinds of extra stuff, from booklets and photos to jewelry and a glowing wooden box. It costs $179 with free shipping. Releases in this bundle (+ download access to full discography):

Palaces Of Darkness , Sacra Fern - Bloodstone, Cut The Light - Aphotic, Sun Through Eyelids - Hyperborea, Astral & Shit - Divo, Troum - Da-pu-ri-to-jo, Nubiferous - Primeval Forest Hymns, Paul Minesweeper - Last Frontier, Gorgons Tale, Welcome Black - Sun.

The full digital release bundle costs $107 and will let you download 23 releases:

Palaces Of Darkness, Bloodstone, Aphotic, Hyperborea, The Best Of 2017, Divo, Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo, Buried Visions, Inner Mystery, Blessing from the Darkness [Opus II], Last Frontier, Formless Realm, Путь В Белое, Sun, Gorgons Tale, Myth About Flat World, Cosmic Irracionalism, Beyond The Invisible, Primeval Forest Hymns, The Dark Side, Dusk of the Gods (К Свету Тьмы - Сумерки Богов), The Horizontal Gates, and Elementals.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the dark ambient fan in your life, or even yourself, and you want to buy a label's complete collection in one go, these two bundles certainly give you the option, in one form or another. Head over to Black Mara's Bandcamp page here for more info.

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