Monday 15 October 2018

Horror Film News: The Tattooist

Horror Film News: The Tattooist

The Tattooist Poster

I don't have any tattoos, but it's something that I've often pondered. I'm just not sure a tattoo of any kind would suit me, and the thought of having to live with it forever (well, until death) doesn't sit well with me. Mind you, if I visited The Tattooist in the new film by Michael Wong, I don't think I'd have long to wait for death, if I wasn't happy with the tattoo I was given.
‘The Tattooist’ studio is renowned for its remarkably crafted tattoos. But during their visits, the customers have been drugged and imprisoned with other unfortunate victims that bear his prized masterpiece. They must fight their fears and race against time to escape from The Tattooist before ending up as a victim of his morbid obsession!
The Tattooist Screengrab

The trailer embedded below reveals the kind of film you can expect, the jaunty music that begins proceedings soon giving way to gore and sinister scream montages. After hints of people meeting a messy end, the trailer ends with the tattooist dancing to said jaunty music, adding whimsy and craziness to a scene that reveals the truth of what was really happening on the tattooist table.

The Tattooist has already won a number of film festival awards, including Most Terrifying at The Top Indie Film Awards, Best Gore at the Independent Horror Movie Awards, and Official Selection at the Midwest Horror Fest 2018. I wouldn't be surprised it if picks up more accolades as it roams the film festival circuit either, it looks like a cracking film, and one I'd certainly love to watch.

Check out the trailer below, and keep your skin clean in preparation for The Tattooist's needle:

The Tattooist from Michael Wong on Vimeo.