Tuesday 8 August 2017

Rockers Sanguine Release Sun-kissed Video for Breathe

Sheep skull appropriators and venue rockers Sanguine have just released a video for Breathe, a song from their album Black Sheep.

Photo credit: Dan Sturgess
When I reviewed Black Sheep last year, I noted the split between the rawkish heavier tracks and the quieter, calmer offerings. Breathe falls into the latter category, and certainly showcases frontwoman Tarin Kerrey’s vocal abilities. The video shows Tarin walking abandoned sun-kissed streets, shedding both mental and physical attachments as she goes. The music itself sees Sanguine teaming up with Ex in Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad to create a delicate and spacious backing to Tarin’s vocals, a bit like laying a clean, crisp table cloth underneath a nice meal.

I saw Sanguine when they came to Norwich as support for Mushroom Head, but since then they’ve landed (deservedly too) more great spots alongside the likes of Fear Factory, Skindred and HellYeah. On a personal note, I do prefer Sanguine’s heavier numbers, particularly because Tarin has a tortured screech that would unnerve even the calmest of vicars, but I certainly appreciated their more tranquil numbers when I reviewed Black Sheep. I guess it’s a bit like being beaten up by someone, but instead of them running away, your attacker hangs around and insists on holding ice to your bruises afterwards.

Below is their new video, but click the Watch on YouTube button so that you can give it a decent look. If you haven’t checked out Sanguine yet, you can find more about them on their website at this link. You can also find my review of Black Sheep at this link.