Friday 7 July 2017

Rob Hooper's Flaming Pencil

I recently revamped the header at the top of this website, along with my social media and various misc other things. I didn't want to put a photo of myself up alongside my name because I don't really like looking at myself, let alone on some kind of banner. I settled on the idea of having some kind of cartoon/caricature done, something I could push into a tight circle (easy there at the back!), something that would provide a dash of colour in my intended black and white banners.

I approached artist Rob Hooper, feeling that I probably couldn't afford his talents, but was very pleasantly surprised. You can see the result:

I highly recommend Rob if anyone needs any artwork created. He was a pleasure to deal with. You can find him at his website: The Flaming Pencil, where you can have a browse around his portfolio to see his stylistic range. He also has a range of Gentleman's Colouring Books which look rather spiffing too.