Monday 15 February 2016

Dark Music Review – From Depths Profound And Inconceivable

Dark Music Review – From Depths Profound And Inconceivable

Review Written By Casey Douglass

From Depths Profound And Inconceivable Album Cover

Wilt "From Depths Profound And Inconceivable" CD One of the most prolific and talented artists of the genre returns with a 2 part series dedicated to and inspired by the work of H.P Lovecraft. These two new offerings both serve as a portal into a poisoned mind, filled with images of unnameable horror. Dark ambient noise collides with black static transmissions from unknown planes. Cavernous droning atmospheres painting images of hopeless dread. Subtle Death Industrial loops collide like the tectonic plates of a Black Earth. Dense hypnotic darkness with a unique organic edge.

Anything that mentions the creations of master horror writer H.P Lovecraft almost always gets my attention, so when I came to review Wilt’s From Depths Profound And Inconceivable, I was instantly interested. Lovecraft and dark ambient music go so well together, it’s almost amazing that his books don’t come with a nice black CD stuck inside the cover with a big “listen to this while reading” message printed in a gothic font. Maybe one day...

From Depths Profound And Inconceivable is a dark ambient album that uses a variety of sound types and techniques to create oppressive beats and swells of noise that certainly do a great job in evoking stygian atmospheres and looming threat. Many feature great walls and stabs of distortion, be it via strange drones or the twisted notes of guitar plucks or longer medleys. The eerie monk chanting and strange echoes of “Buried Temples of Belial” eases into the more electronica-feeling rhythm of the following track, which in turn gives way to the hisses and static of the next, and so on, each track pretty different from the one preceding it but all sharing a love of static and grainy distortion.

A number of tracks stood out for me as particular favourites. First up is “An Ancient Circle of Monoliths”, a composition that begins with a machine-like clattering that soon turns into an insectoid drone that really creates an oppressive feeling. Another favourite is “Graveyard of the Universe” which happens to be the next track on the album. This track features heavily distorted guitar notes with some lovely reverb. This builds and builds as the soundscape becomes more violent or urgent. Other notes and sounds do join to make one of those walls of noise I mentioned at the start of this review. Multi-layered and harsh, but quite enticing to the ear. The final track that I wanted to mention by name is “The Pale Watching Moon”, a rumbling, boiling track that sounds like it features either the distorted trembling of an earthquake or a roiling watery mass of force as it flows past the listener. It’s a simple track but one that I found to be particularly relaxing to listen to.

What the listener has in From Depths Profound And Inconceivable is an at times very harsh dark ambient album that also features a nice variety of pressures and relaxations, some tracks ramping up the tension while others are more subdued, floaty noted affairs. One thing they all share however, is a love of distortion, guitar, and dark spaces. If you like ambient music that creates a feeling of dark pressure, this album is the one for you. I give it a rating of 4/5.

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I was given a free copy of this album to review.

Album Title: From Depths Profound And Inconceivable
Artist: Wilt
Label: Fall Of Nature