Friday 22 May 2015

Dark Gig - Coal Chamber and Soil

Last night I went to another fine gig at the Norwich Waterfront. It featured four bands: Dope, The Defiled, Soil and Coal Chamber. I have to admit that I only really had eyes (or should that be ears) for the last two. Dope were good to listen to, and The Defiled followed with their own brand of heavy, but once Soil took to the stage it was on another level, for me at least.
Ryan Mccombs belted out songs from their very first album, all the way to their newest, but the highlight for me was 'Unreal', a song that almost took the roof off.

Coal Chamber took to the stage next and again, it was another performance that shook the club. Starting with a brutal rendition of 'Loco', Dez Fafara and the band hit various albums for their set list, highlights being 'Fiend', 'Rowboat,' and one of my personal favourites, 'Sway', which saw the mosh pit go mental.
Coal Chamber
It was a great night and I hope they come back to Norwich again in the future as I'd definitely be up for a replay.