Saturday 7 February 2015

Dark Fiction - Too Much Reality

Too Much Reality

By Casey Douglass

The metal container stood in his living room like the obelisk from 2001, the light from the afternoon sun caressing its sharp lines and CarryEase handles. He approached it and ran his hands down the side, fingers probing for the release button.
Fully life-like and realistic the advert had said.
Familiar with all known fantasies, fetishes and kinks they boasted.
The best in synthetic technology! More real than reality! They crowed.
His index finger found a small recess and felt something give. A soft hum sounded from inside the packaging. Things began to vibrate. The front panel slid down with a whoosh, the side panels folding back behind the rear. An expulsion of packing steam blew in all directions, the smell of cinnamon and rubber tickling his nose. He waved a hand around to help dispel it.
Then he let out a croaking sound. There she was! The ultimate in “companion technology”.
Her skin glistened as the nano-fibres reacted to the air. She sucked in a large lungful of air and opened her eyes. ‘Hello,’ she said, her voice husky and mid-toned, just like he’d specified.
‘Heh-lo yourself!’ he replied, a wide grin creasing his face. ‘Follow me to the bedroom!’
She stepped out of the container, her naked body glowing as the sun highlighted her curves. ‘No, I don’t think so,’ she said, her voice flat and matter-of-fact.
‘What?’ he squeaked.
‘Just no,’ she answered, her dainty strides taking her away from him and towards the front door.
‘Wait! You’re supposed to love me!’ he yelled as he dropped to his knees.
The last thing he saw of her was her perfect backside as the door slid shut behind it, a wolf whistle piercing the air from down the corridor. He rocked back onto his heels and began to sob.
‘Too real!’ he whimpered. ‘You idiots! You made her too real!’

The End

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