Thursday 5 December 2013

Dark Article - Achievement Unlocked

Geek Syndicate Issue 8 is online now here. Featuring :
  • Interviews with Butterfly Gate Writer, Benjamin Reed and Elysia creator Serena Obhrai.
  • Bluffers guide to Board Games.
  • Luke Halsall takes us on a personal journey to explain what Superman means to him.
  • We look at the cult of Achievements in video games.
  • Cat Collins puts Marvel Phase One to the Bechdel Test.
  • Fashion geek Jess shows us how to achieve some great cosplay on a budget.
  • Reviews include Day of the Doctor, THOR: The Dark World, X-MEN: Battle of the Atom and more.
  • The members of GS reveal some of their loves outside of geekdom.
 The article on Achievements in games is my own.