Sunday 3 March 2013

One Year On

Dark Pondering Image

My blog is one year old today. I wasn't sure if I would still be posting to it a year down the line. Going by my past attempts at blogging/website making, the chances were slim. Here we are though, so I must be doing something right, and it must have ensnared some small part of me as things I don't enjoy soon get dropped pretty quickly.

There were some spells where my posts became intermittent, nearly always health related, so I won't be beating myself up over that, even though it irked me at the time.

Over the year, I have broadened my writing to give myself a little more variety in the kind of things I write. I enjoy writing fiction, but the addition of the odd review here and there gives me the option of something a little different. I still intend to stick with the darker side of entertainment as that just appeals to me. I did notice that any fiction I submit as horror/dark gets less page hits than something I submit as cross-genre, so I am not sure if my choice of genre is making things more difficult for me. Thinking about it, I don't really know many horror readers, on or offline, so this year might be more about finding where they are hiding, going into their lairs and seeing whats what.

I feel that I have spread my leathery wings a little more, having a couple of websites agree to the odd contribution from me, namely Geek Syndicate and Generic Movie Blog. I really don't mind writing for free, it is just nice to be part of something and for others to value my writing. Publishing my own stuff on my blog is fine, but having other people want my writing on their site, it's a nice step up.

This year, I hope to reach more people with my writing, maybe find a few more Twitter followers and maybe get the odd thing published in traditional media, even if they are just the letters page of a magazine or the odd competition win. At the least I would like to increase my output, health permitting.

Thanks to Paul Brewer for his support as well, and for his diligence in letting hardly any of my posts stay on zero comments. I appreciate it mate :). Thanks also to everyone else who I have interacted with or come to know a little. A few other shout outs go to Barry Nugent at Geek Syndicate, Kat at Generic Movie Blog, and Paul D.Dail . If I missed anyone I am sorry, it doesn't diminish my thanks to you too.

Heres to another year.