Monday, 23 April 2012

Dark Flash Fiction - Street

Dark Fiction Image


By Casey Douglass

‘That guy just disappeared! I’m sure of it!’
‘Which guy?’
‘That scruffy one with the woolly hat.’
‘I don’t see him.’
‘That’s my fucking point!’
‘Alright! I was just saying I don’t see him! Doesn’t mean he disappeared though.’
‘I saw him, he just sank into the ground!’
‘Over there, in front of HMV.’
‘You sure he didn’t just go inside?’
‘Not unless there’s a bloody cellar entrance no!’
‘Why is nobody screaming then?’
‘If I saw someone fall through the pavement I’d be pretty freaked!’
‘Maybe nobody else saw it.’
‘Come on...its Saturday, it's heavin’ with people here, what are the odds?’
‘What are the odds of someone sliding through the sodding floor!’
‘You’re seeing thi-’
‘Huh? Seeing what?’
A scream sounded along the thronged street, a cry of surprise rising in answer a few yards behind. Mark wheeled around and around, his eyes wide as he watched person after person zipping down into the paved street, the bags and other detritus they were carrying bumping heavily to the floor in their sudden absence.
Alex was gone. The crowd that had been around him only a few minutes previously had thinned down to just him and a scared looking elderly lady. They eyed each other from a few yards away.
‘What’s goin-’
She vanished, the ending of his question vanishing as quickly as she did.
Mark’s eyes swivelled to the floor, expectancy making his heart pound with adrenaline. He sucked in gasps of air, it felt thick like chunky soup and was just as hard to choke down. He waited...


  1. Reading this one, I kept seeing the clip shown on the news of the woman in China who was walking along a street then just disappeared down a hole.

  2. I think I might have missed that one, but glad it made you think of something similar. I remember a bus disappearing down a hole, and that big hole the other year in mexico or somewhere that almost sucked buildings down it. Crazy stuff.