Saturday, 2 July 2022

Dark Ambient Track: Subdued Manifestation

 Dark Ambient Track: Subdued Manifestation

Subdued Manifestation

A drone-based track created by manipulating just one field-recorded sound sample: A flowing water tap. I ran the sound through a variety of reverb and timing changes, created different pitched versions and folded them in onto each other, much like the way samurai swords are created with layers of metal being folded and pounded down. 

The sound went through Audiobulb's Ambient processor a number of times, where I tinkered with it over and over. I've also transitioned back to the Reaper DAW and have been able to learn and make use of such things as param automation, which was really interesting. The final track only has three elements, three different variations and edits rendered and arranged into one composition.

I've spent the last week on this track, and I found it immensely satisfying to create a drone that evolves and changes over time. I also find it fun to think that all of the track was birthed from the single sound of water flowing from a tap.

Thanks for listening :)