Monday, 18 April 2022

I Created Another Dark Ambient Track

Sonorous Graveyard

6 years ago, I tried my hand at making a dark ambient track. It wasn't very good. Today, I finally had another attempt. It's still not that good, but it's better, in my opinion at least.

The previous attempt happened in the Reaper DAW, software that I've still yet to get to grips with. It might help if I had even the smallest amount of music creation knowledge. I remembered one of Noctilucant's YouTube videos in which he shows that he likes tinkering in Audacity, and this morning, I decided today was the day.

I found this tutorial on making dark ambient tracks in Audacity, and loosely followed the steps laid out, with my own previously recorded sounds and my own hunches about effect settings etc. The end result pleases me more than it likely should, but that's okay. The sounds that I used were recordings I made of my Tibetan Tingsha bells, a rainy downpour, and the sound of my knuckle hitting our metal garage door.