Friday, 22 April 2022

Dark Ambient Track: Something in the Woods


Something in the Woods

After my initial 60 second stab at some dark ambient a few days ago, I've created another track. Something in the Woods is five times longer, and for me, was two or three times more complex to create. I still had fun though, which is all I'm interested in right now.

I themed the track about the uneasy feeling that woodlands can sometimes create. It's no wonder there is so much folklore linked to them.

This is a slow-boiling track, pun intended, as one of the main samples used (all recorded by me, which is very satisfying too) was a boiling kettle. Other sounds include tramping through leaves and tingsha chimes, but all were caressed with speed adjustments and pitch changes. 

My first track relied heavily on the Paulstretch filter, which is something I don't want to become dependent on, so this track hardly makes use of it. The way the track builds did present me with a few issues around mastering, but I think it sounds good enough. I hope lol.

Thanks if you decide to check it out :)